Stephen-James Copp

Educated at Durham University (dunelm) and combined with over 28 years of experience, Stephen James Copp has quietly earned a reputation for providing professionals and individuals alike from a broad range of backgrounds including Blue Chip companies as well as private clients including some high profile, media & entertainment brands with the 1-1 coaching, tools & insights they need to successfully identify, unlock and breakthrough psychological and ‘mind’ related barriers that have been holding them back. Stephen says: “We travel through life with tendencies and beliefs dictated by heredity and the environment around us including our parents, siblings, education, colleagues, employers, society , friends, media, and personal experiences/trauma etc. These tendencies and beliefs formulate an internal ‘narrative/stories’ of ourselves and the world around us. This internal narrative can lead to unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions that can greatly colour and shape our confidence, mental health, relationships, careers, potential, performance and ultimately happiness BUT it really doesn’t have to be this way – you CAN change, unlock your ‘mind’ and realise your full potential both personally and professionally with no exceptions!”. Working alongside Harley Street colleagues and other leading specialists, coaches and psychologists, Stephen strongly believes that anybody can make significant change and have the career and life that they have always wanted with no exceptions.

Stephen only draws upon the very latest ‘proven’ psychological & ‘mind’ related science, research, knowledge & principles such as neuroscience, narrative ethics, social psychology, transactional analysis (TA), behaviourism,CBT, organisational psychology, NLP, cognitive psychology and behavioural economics to help his clients take permanent control of their thoughts, feelings and emotions that subconsciously dictate the quality of life and work. Stephen is empathetic and personal in his approach and passionately believes in the ability for anyone to make significant change given the ‘correct’ environment, time and support. Stephen says, “I have been privileged to have witnessed 100,s of incredible transformations (both personal and professional) over the years and i credit this to the courage and fortitude of my clients who i have had the pleasure of working with. You really are the product of your thoughts so why not ensure that you are thinking in the best way possible !?”

Having coached for many years, Stephen is very conscious of efficiency and the value of time. He therefore decided to conduct all 1-1 coaching sessions over the internet via SKYPE/Zoom/WhatsApp/FaceTime or phone if preferred to enable his clients to choose a time and place that is convenient for them. Additionally, there is increasing evidence that there are numerous psychological and ‘performance’ advantages for clients in attending ‘coaching’ sessions from the comfort and security of their own homes or offices. All 1-1 coaching sessions are conducted between the hours of 10am and 21.00 hrs. International enquiries are welcome.

For more information please go to the contact page by clicking HERE or fill out the contact form and Stephen will be in touch within 24hrs.