Marie Claire De Grouchy – Chief Operations Officer

On the surface I had it all. Inside I was at breaking point. Running my own successful business, son in private school, beautiful home…….. but breaking inside. Having spent the last 25+years cultivating a solid drinking habit to numb the deep seated unhappiness and negative thoughts I had finally reached my rock bottom. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do and then along came Stephen, recommended to me by my brother. I rarely write testimonials because I have never really had a reason too but what Stephen has done with me cannot be ignored and if by me writing this enables someone else who needs support and clarity to take the step with Stephen I can assure them that they will be forever happy they did.

Working with me collaboratively Stephen has helped me take a tactical 3 month break from alcohol and put it back in it’s rightful place. During this time he also worked with me to dissolve my limiting beliefs (of which there were many) as well as my negative thoughts, self-doubt and overwhelming guilt and fear. I cannot express enough how much lighter I feel and how I am living from a deep rooted place of happiness every day. Obviously this is work in progress but daily challenges no longer seem insurmountable. My relationship with my son and partner have never been better and life very much feels like living to the full again.

Each session was conducted over Skype and was therefore easy to fit into my hectic schedule. Plus Stephen was (and is) always there to respond to a text, without fail 364 days a year, there are not any people who truly offer and mean that. Thank you so much Stephen!

TOM WARREN ‘X’ Pro Rugby Player, EMEA Sales Director – Blue Prism Plc

“Transformational, Truly amazing guy – I warmly recommend him to you!”

NICKY RUSSELL COO – ANOMALY London ‘UK Business Women of the Year’

“Deeply Insightful & Life Changing – Simply the best out there!”

LUCY HARRISON-DWYER General Manager – The Wing

“Truly life changing – Essential for serious personal and professional development! My anxiety levels have dropped to almost zero and my confidence and self belief has rocketed which has had a profound effect on my personal live and career”

LOU LEBENTZ – Speaker & Harley Street Therapist

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stephen both personally and professionally for over 5 years now and found him hugely insightful. I’ve participated in Stephens coaching and found him an exceptionally charismatic coach who holds your attention with his knowledge, personality and infectious delivery style. I have no doubt that Stephen would make a large impact and contribution to whatever client he works with. I know he’s a person who can drive measurable, sustainable and long term exceptional personal transformation of emotional issues that can stand in the way of a full and fruitful life and career. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Stephen on any level, he will achieve extraordinary results – Try him!”

MARTIN HEARN Media BD Director – GTT Communications

“Stephen’s coaching was AMAZING!!! I would recommend Stephen to anybody who TRULY wants to improve their career & life. Stephen helped me change my entire mindset and belief system in line with the life and career/success I wanted – Without this fundamental change I’m sure I would not be enjoying the success I do today!”

STUART DOVER Senior Business Development – CONGECO

“I have worked with Stephen several times and the thing that stands out by far for me, is the way in which Stephen can effortlessly focus on and tackle the emotional challenges we face in the modern world. Walking me through steps to identify, understand and change beliefs that where limiting my life and happiness was key . As i began to understand the subconscious inhibitors that was holding me back, things started to change. Performance increased, anxiety lifted and i felt more comfortable in my role. Stephen not only coaches the skills required to be successful, but also has techniques that transform’s the thought process in the most positive of ways that had a dramatic impact on my life both professionally and personally!”

NADHIM ORFALI Senior Engineer – Morning Star

“My go-to guy every time – Brilliant! I had some issues with anxiety and self doubt at work and this guy totally ‘ctrl-alt-del’ all negative thoughts. I have tried many different methods and techniques over the years but Stephan stands head and shoulders above them all for me!”


“Stephen-James amazed me with his ability to influence emotional change and supper-charge my performance and team management capability. What was really impressive is how quickly he did it!”

DAVE POLLINGER Director of Operations – SSE

“Stephen’s commitment, passion, and knowledge were really amazing. Stephen has a fab understanding and application of various tools and techniques and knows exactly what to do and when. I highly recommend him to you and would happily employ his services again”


“The way Stephen worked and engaged with me and the team was perfect for what we where trying to achieve – Increase confidence, remove/limit any emotional or psychological obstacles to performance. A true master of his art”

PAUL SCHNEIDER – Sales Director NewNet

“A rare breed in as much as you get much much more than what you expect”

ALEX PHILIPS Director – LNP China

“Stephens ability to quickly identify exactly what was holding me back and then help me transform from operations too sales was nothing short of brilliant!”

ALEXANDRA DAVIDSON MD – Davidson of London

“Stephen-James is fantastic! Stephen holds a great amount of empathy and knowledge.
Through his coaching with my team we have developed stronger working relationships with a lot more of our clients which has obviously increased sales. I hope to work with Stephen again very soon”

HERVE HARDY Senior Engineer – IBM Voice Group

“My eyes were truly opened because of my coaching sessions with Stephen, Great job…! I truly value everything I have learned! Thank you Steve!”

JORDAN DE LEON CEO – T2M De Leon Fitness

“Working with Stephen has taken my business to the next level. Thank you Stephen-James!!”

JACKIE BENN Senior BDM – Prestige Network Ltd

“Fantastic – the best. Stephen has the innate ability to bring out the very best in people. He was a pleasure to be coached by and i couldn’t have asked for anybody better!”

DAVID HAMBROOK CEO – Glenthorpe Engineering Ltd

“Engaging and GOOD – A superb asset to anybody in need of emotional alignment to their full capability!”

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